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I was up to this point before Cheetah 3D decided to crash…

A Lot of Information

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It was imperative that this flier included all of the information on it. It is always a challenge to figure out how to layout a lot of type into a relatively small amount of space but I think it worked out. The client was satisfied which is always a good thing.

Latest Animation / Motion Graphics Project

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My next project is calling for a “Tron” like feeling…

Save Japan

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Text 90999 to donate to the Red Cross


Daily grind…

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Latest Logo Design sample

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First or second?

CG Renderings

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Here are some random renderings I did at work. There are a ton of free 3D models on the internet. I textured, set up the lighting, and scene and then rendered these images out with DOF and radiosity.

Hakosuka Illustration

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A random vector illustration I did a while back. I was planning to print it on some skateboard decks.

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No Digital Effects Needed

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The Future of Screen Technology

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